Where we stand

Our team developed a new, more modern and lightweighted design and many functionalities have been added for the 3.0 release in June 2016.

Numerous text extraction and data finishing modules have already been developed and are working in the backend of the application.

With the current version is faster and the aggregated data density became considerably larger. Besides the NACE-Code search in advanced mode, more English technical terms can be used in simple search to find specialized German companies. But – there is still room for improvements…

You will have your own license when joining this campaign so you can use the system yourself and see how powerful it already is.


Where we want to go

There are various features to be developed that will make the “Swiss Army Knife” of B2B Web-applications. Some of the major ones are:

  • Additional data attributes and documents
  • will become interactive
  • A B2B marketplace
  • Networking amongst international users
  • API’s to pass and integrate data and statistics to other applications
  • International marketing campaigns to distribute worldwide.
  • and many more…

As time is the key to success we need to speed up development significantly and reach our goals before others do…

Support us now and receive license license

Full license for your personal use at a special crowdfunder’s price of € 99 only (instead of € 199 regular license price!)

2 Promotion-Codes

2 Promotion-Codes

2 promotion-codes per crowdfunding license package you bought. Pass them on to business friends. Each code grants a discount of 25% on the regular license price.

Payback Bonus

Payback Bonus

Crowdfunder’s Payback Bonus of € 60 per standard license bought using your promotion-code

Renewal Bonus

Renewal Bonus

Whenever your promoted license holder renews his license (possibly every 6 months) you are subject to another € 25 crowdfunder’s payback bonus.


Buy more than one crowdfunder’s license papckage

…and resell them, pass them on to your employees, to sales- or marketing partners or keep them in stock to prolong your personal license.

2 additional promotion-codes per license package allow you to earn more crowdfunder’s payback bonus!

How to participate

To participate is pretty easy. Just follow these 3 steps:

step 1

  1. Click on Participate now.
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  3. Choose how many crowdfunding licenses you intend to buy. Price per license is € 99 (inkl. VAT, if applicable).
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step 1

After submission you will receive an e-mail:

  1. Click on the confirmation link in the e-mail to confirm your crowdfunding account.
  2. Fill in additional information and submit the form.

step 1

Your temporary and free trial account is active now and you will receive another e-mail containing:

  1. An order confirmation with payment* details and the terms of use as PDF attachment
  2. Two (2) unique promotion codes to pass on to as many of your business friends you like (only converting a promoted trial license into a 25% discounted standard license will use off the code. first come – first serve!)
  3. A link to the payment page for ordered crowdfunding licenses
    (your temporary free trial license will automatically be converted into a standard user license after we received your payment and your promo-codes will become commissionable).
  4. A link to the login page of (please bookmark in your browser)

*Payment is accepted through PayPal or by bank transfer. Please use the reference number stated in your order confirmation.

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The price per crowdfunder‘s license
is € 99 (inkl. VAT, if applicable)

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