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We constantly extend with useful addons, so that you can extract even more detailed information. Following you find the list of all functions. A brief info screencast explains the benefit of the addon.

Please note, that these additional services are only available for users with an active license (commercial customers), who know and acknowledged the terms of the standard license. All prices are net plus applicable VAT.

If you wish to purchase a base license, please register here for a free trial first ...

ZFE6 – Email availability and -export

99,00 € / 6 month license

Availability and Export of companies with Emails

Detect companies with email addresses and download email address in excel file.

ZFG6 – Foundation Date

89,00 €* / 6 month license

Filter by and export foundation date

Filter by company foundation dates published in commercial registers. The dates are added in an additional column in the export file.

ZFL6 – Status Informations

49,00 € / 6 month license

Filter by status of the companies

This AddOn allows to filter by company status. E.g. active companies, in liquidation, in foundation, inactive...

ZAA6 – Address Availability

9,90 € / 6 month license

View and export companies with addresses

Search can be narrowed down to companies with available addresses only.

ZFM6 – Number of Employees

99,00 € /6 month license

Select companies by number of employees

Filter companies by employee number when values are available. Export table has additional columns with employee number and date.

ZFI6 – Insolvency Filter

59,00 € / 6 month license

Filter companies with insolvency marker

With this AddOn companies with insolvency markers can be detected and displayed.

EXN6 – NACE-Code (WZ-2008) Export

69,00 € / 6 month license

NACE-Codes und NACE text in export tables

AddOn to export NACE codes (WZ 2008 key) and texts as additional columns in the export table.

Individual AddOns

On request /for continuous use

Individual AddOns on your request

We develop additional customized functions for you. Please contact us directly for more information.

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