Busni.de extended by the AddOn employee numbers

MrBusni_arm_up-eThe pioneer of B2B platforms relies on progression, thereby increasing its efficiency continuously. The AddOn employee numbers opens up new opportunities for serious contact finding in the business-to-business field.

Development in favor of the users is the top priority of the Busni.de developers. Therefore the leading heads have come up with something new. Bit by bit the wide range of information data of the Busni.de base user license is extended by new filter, analyse and export option developments. These enable an accurate presentation of the several million company datasets published on the web. The results can definitely compete in terms of efficiency and specification to the needs of the corporate users. Busni.de “closes a gap that has been filled only insufficiently by other providers” [Axel Wiemann, Head of Corporate Development and Marketing of Kleinhelleforth Licht]

The AddOn “employee numbers” can be parametrerized in the advanced search option area with individual “from” – “to” entries and provides new opportunities for analysis and export: In the dashboard a new line is added, providing information about the number of employees in a given time and the standard Excel export table is extended by a column giving the actual employee number. This Enbekon project shines with an excellent price/performance ratio casting shadows on the address trading field. As why still making expensive address purchases, when B2B contacts can be obtained for free? Busni.de convinces with its large repertoire of functions and an elaborate structure. Costs are reduced and contact generation enormously accelerated. An ideal tool for all companies’ daily busniness, regardless of industry, regardless of size.
Find all details for this and other Busni.de AddOns here.

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